Adoption Process


So, you’re thinking you’d like to adopt a Greyhound! First of all, STOP and give very serious thought to this idea. Adopting a Greyhound — ANY dog — should be a carefully arrived-at decision based on your desire to add a significant new member to your family. It must be considered a long-time commitment, not a trial-run, a whim, or a passing fancy. The Greyhound is a highly sensitive and social breed who becomes very attached to his human(s). He will not understand why, when the “novelty wears off” or “situations change”, those persons he came to live with and love now pay little attention to him and relegate him to the backyard, the basement, or the garage. Or even banish him altogether from the home he has come to know, forcing him to once again adjust to a strange, new environment. If your motivation to adopt is primarily that you are “saving an ex-racer’s life” and he should be grateful for any home, then please do him — and AAGA — a bigger favor: let us find him instead a FOREVER home!


RESEARCH THE BREED. To begin with, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly research the breed, i.e., read books on Greyhounds, Google “Greyhounds” on the Internet, talk to Greyhound owners, etc., to familiarize yourself with the attributes of the breed to determine if a Greyhound is the type of dog that would best fit into your lifestyle.

MEET GREYHOUNDS. You are invited to meet some Greyhounds available for adoption and talk to Greyhound owners at AAGA’s Meet ‘n Greets and community events (see Upcoming Events on our website). Or you can call Carl Viener, AAGA’s founder, at 770-469-9533 and make an appointment to visit Greys’Land, the Greyhounds’ living facility in Stone Mountain, GA.

SUBMIT APPLICATION. Before any Greyhound can be adopted, you must first complete and submit our online Adoption Application. Completion of this form involves no cost to you and does not commit you to adoption. What it does is provide us with information about you that will help us determine if a Greyhound is a wise choice for you and assist us in guiding you to the Greyhound(s) that we feel would best work in your situation and meet your requirements.

CHOOSE YOUR GREYHOUND. Once your application is reviewed and approved (usually within 24 hours), you will be contacted by Carl. At that time he can discuss with you which Greyhounds we are recommending, answer any questions you might have, and arrange a time for you to meet those dogs. While you can arrange a meeting at one of our Meet ‘n Greets, most adoptions are conducted at Greys’Land. If you have children and other dogs, it is important that you bring them with you to that meeting. Once you have selected your Greyhound, unless there are some extenuating circumstances, you may take him/her home with you immediately, or you may arrange a convenient future pick-up time.

FEE. The adoption fee is $325 (cash or check) and covers a retired ex-racing Greyhound, neutered, vetted, a heartworm test and all shots up to date, plus a Greyhound collar and leash. As we maintain a database of all the Greyhounds that we have re-homed, we will also provide you with a numbered tag that will identify your dog to us.  It gives your Greyhound one more chance of being found and returned to you if he/she gets out.

As is usual with adoption organizations, the fee is non-refundable. However, AAGA will allow you to exchange the dog if for some reason your first choice does not work out.

Greyhound adopted_1POST ADOPTION. Carl Viener and the AAGA volunteers are always available to answer your questions and to provide whatever ongoing assistance is needed to smoothly transition your new Greyhound into your home.  We also offer boarding of your Greyhound for those times when you must be away from your pet.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for us to provide support and follow-up to our adopters, we limit our adoptions to an area within 100 miles of metro Atlanta.