Health & Medical Issues

KOOL_2CThose of us who own and work with Greyhounds are aware of the many areas – physically, metabolically, and physiologically – in which these amazing creatures differ from all other dog breeds.

  • Why are normal Greyhound bloodwork results so different from other breeds of dogs?
  • What are “corns” and why are Greyhounds the only dogs who ever get them?
  • Why are so many Greyhounds misdiagnosed as hypothyroid?
  • Why is the Greyhound recognized as the canine universal blood donor?
  • Why is a heart murmur in a Greyhound very common and generally not a health problem?
  • What is bald thigh syndrome (BTS) and why is it a common occurrence in Greyhounds and considered a cosmetic condition only, not a medical symptom?
  • Why is diligence in maintaining dental health especially important in Greyhound care?

And so the list goes on and on. That’s why it is so important to find a veterinarian who really understands and has experience with Greyhounds, one who is aware of and can answer all those questions. For a number of years now AAGA has been very fortunate in having the expert services of The Village Vets in Lilburn. Georgia, by our side, helping to keep our ex-racers in the best possible health.

Sick doggyHEALTH & MEDICAL WEBSITE RESOURCES. On a daily basis, AAGA’s first “go to” informational site for Greyhound medical idiosyncrasies and problems is Greyt Health. This site is a compilation of articles written over many years by Suzanne Stack, DVM. Dr. Stack has been enthusiastically acclaimed by many as a medical authority on “all things Greyhound”. Rather than our trying to “reinvent the wheel” by rewriting and paraphrasing all of her expert articles, we encourage you to visit the Greyt Health site and check out those subjects that are of interest to you. At minimum, and to be on the safe side, we recommend that the material presented on the most significant Greyhound idiosyncrasies – such as normal Greyhound bloodwork parameters and results, as well as anesthesia sensitivity – be shared with your veterinarian.

Since this veterinary practice in Nashville, Tennessee, somewhat specializes in Greyhounds, Grassmere Animal Hospital can be a valuable resource in so many Greyhound areas.

Another popular website, although not limited to Greyhounds, is Healthy Pets. It often features informative articles on current medical trends in pet health written by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker,


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