Adoptable Greyhounds

Here are some pictures of Greyhounds currently living at Greys’Land awaiting adoption. Keep in mind that Greyhounds do not just come in a variety of colors; they come in a variety of personalities as well. It is the dog’s personality, not its pretty face, that makes for a good or bad fit in your home. Whether you are looking for one that is very active and playful, very calm and docile, or somewhere in between, chances are there is a Greyhound that will fit your lifestyle.

To learn what it is like to live with a retired racing Greyhound, we invite you to visit us at our Meet and Greets and mingle with some of our adoptables as well as talk to current owners. Just check out Upcoming Events to see when the next one is scheduled. You are also welcome to come out to Greys’Land, the Greyhounds’ home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Give Carl a call at 770-469-9533 to arrange an appointment.  For additional information on the history of any of our adoptables, such as their racing career, just go to Track A Greyhound’s Career and follow the instructions.

If you are interested in adopting a Greyhound, we do require that you first complete and submit our online Adoption Application form. There is no cost, nor does this form in any way obligate you to adopt. It merely gives us information that will help us guide you to the best dog for your home situation.

Because of our high turnover, there is no guarantee that any dog on this page is still available. Also, RECENTLY ARRIVED GREYHOUNDS MAY NOT YET BE POSTED TO THIS SITE. You can always call us at 770-469-9533 to see if there are Greyhounds available other than those shown.


ADOPTED.  Even though he’s a boy, you have to describe Teddy as beautiful. He has the loveliest muted brindle and white coloring (like a dilute tortie cat). Despite an impressive pedigree, he never raced. Teddy ... (more)


ADOPTED. For all of you Greyhound lovers that have dreamed of adopting a Greyhound puppy, here’s your chance. Crook was born the runt of the litter and with a 90-degree kink in the last ... (more)


ADOPTION PENDING. Bourbon is a spunky girl with large ears she can work like semaphores.  Her racing career consisted of 143 races with a 52% success rate.  Bourbon is very outgoing and friendly, but she ... (more)


ADOPTED.  Irish blood flows through the veins of this good-looking guy, identified by his dark face and heavy deep brindled markings. Smoker raced at Flagler, Mardi Gras, Naples-Ft Myers, and Orange Park (Jacksonville) tracks, tallying ... (more)


ADOPTED.  A strikingly handsome fellow with pretty tipped ears, Reagan chalked up a commendable racing career, completing 110 races with an in-the-money success rate of 63% and earning 8.5 performance points.  He is confident, very ... (more)


ADOPTED.  Nirvana is a good-sized (77.5#) shiny black boy with just a bit of white on his muzzle, chest and two feet.  Although he can boast a star-studded pedigree, he ran his 98 races with ... (more)


ADOPTED.  Lorna is a lovely, very petite youngster, what we call a Tuxedo Black (white blaze, muzzle, chest, feet, and tail tip).  She is smart, quite active, curious about everything, and affectionate – loves to ... (more)