In a home for 1½ years, Sic Em was recently picked up by AAGA and brought back to Greys’Land because the adopter is now divorced and no longer wants him. Then he was hit with another whammy: he tested positive for heartworms! Sic Em is currently undergoing treatment for the heartworms, and his activities must be very restricted.

For the next 10 weeks AAGA is keeping him very quiet indoors away from any action with other Greys or visitors and allowing him outdoors alone in a small penned area to do his business only. Throughout this ordeal, Sic Em has remained the most patient Greyhound with the sweetest disposition. We have all fallen in love with him and are giving him a lot of TLC and personal attention. The good news is that, once past the recovery period, he should be just fine, and we hope that a new adopter will see how precious he is and give him a real “forever” home.

However, this should be a lesson to all dog owners. This beautiful boy is having to undergo a lengthy painful, toxic and expensive treatment for a condition that could have been so easily avoided. You MUST keep your pet on heartworm preventative medicine!


Age: 4½ Y/O

Sex: Male

Color: Brindle

Cat Tolerant: No