Track A Greyhound’s Career

Greyhound_KLs_ChrisBecause a large number of the Greyhound racetracks have been closed, their databases of racing records are no longer available. However, if you are interested in learning more about the background and race career of a particular Greyhound, you should be able to still acquire a lot of information by googling


Important Note:  Because there is a sizable fee involved in the registration of a Greyhound for racing, owners will oftentimes not register the dog until it is determined that he/she will become a racer.  Thus, some Greyhounds, even though they are tattooed, will never be registered.  This is especially true for a number of the “pups” (e.g., 2 year olds and younger) that we receive.  If you cannot locate your Greyhound in any of the available databases, it means that he/she was just not cut out for the track for any number of reasons and never raced professionally, and this is not uncommon. Unfortunately, his/her pedigree and history will not be available to you…UNLESS you are able to come up with the name of a littermate of  your Greyhound who DID race professionally and thus gain some usable information by researching the records of that Greyhound. In any event, you can take pride in the fact that you have taken into your heart and home a Greyhound that might otherwise have nowhere else to go.