Hooray!  12-year-old Ellie has a new forever home! When she first came to AAGA back in 2012, she was not quite 5 years old. We described her as a sweet black girl with a silver face and pretty eyes.  She was adopted within a week and has lived happily in a loving home for the past 7 years.  Recently, however, she was returned to us when her “mom” had to go into assisted living and could no longer care for her. Poor Ellie was obviously very sad and downhearted over this change in her life.  As it happened, an AAGA adopter met her when they boarded their 12-year-old female with us and ended up taking Ellie home with them when they picked up their girl. Happily, Ellie’s new family reports that she is adjusting well. She even gets excited and does “zoomies” when they come with leashes to take the two old girls out for a walk.


Age:    12 Y/O

Sex:     Female

Color:  Black

Cat Tolerant:  Yes