When he was about 1½ years old, Sheldon was found wandering in the woods by a Minnesota humane society.  No ear numbers, no collar, no chip, unneutered.  Never claimed, he was ultimately re-homed by Minnesota Greyhound Rescue. Currently 7½ years old, he was recently relinquished to AAGA when his adopter relocated to Atlanta and is now employed at a job with long working hours, causing the dog some separation anxiety.  Sheldon has obviously been lovingly cared for.  He lived with a Corgi, slept with a cat, and is known to do well with children. He is very personable and affectionate (will climb into your lap), sits on command, and knows a handful of “tricks”. He would probably do best in a home with a fenced yard and where he could be around family most of the time — or, at minimum, another Greyhound to keep him company.


Age:    7½ y/o

Sex:     Male

Color:   White & Brindle

Cat Tolerant:   Yes