Allin first arrived at Greys’Land a year ago as a 2-year-old pup. According to his records, he had never set foot on a professional racetrack. He was very good-looking — about 95% white, with a red patch over his left eye and another one across his hips. We were told “he’s a bit shy with new people and situations but warms up quickly”. In no time we found him to be very friendly and playful. He was soon adopted and has lived in a home until recently when he was returned to us. His owners said that he was afraid to go outside because of the noise of nearby construction and so they felt their environment was just too stressful for him.  Allin is a gorgeous guy — even more handsome than he was when we first met him a year ago. He has settled in beautifully at Greys’Land. It is apparent that his confidence blooms when he is in the company of other Greyhounds.


Age:  3 Y/O

Sex:   Male

Color:  White & Red

Cat Tolerant:  Yes