Shimmy raced to the full retirement age of 5 years and chalked up a noteworthy 14.0 performance points in the completion of 204 races. That sounds like the very successful career of a big boisterous male.  But Shimmy is a tiny girl (raced at 52 pounds) who, more often than not, got hit or bumped at the first turn, sometimes even knocked down, yet still managed to finish “in the money” more than 53% of the time.  Now, you would expect that she is probably a high-strung alpha diva.  Instead, she is the sweetest, best-behaved, house-trained little gal running around AAGA.  When she isn’t curled up napping in a Lazy Boy chair, she loves to cuddle up to everyone and deposit juicy kisses. Although she looks black, she is officially categorized as a dark brindle. You have to look real hard to see that she has dark red tipped fur on her shoulders.


Age:   5 y/o

Sex:    Female

Color:  Dark Brindle

Cat Tolerant:  No