Like all ex-racers, Deacon deserves a forever home. And he thought he had one – for almost 6 years, that is. Then a baby came along, and the adopters did not want to trust a big dog around their infant. They also decided they could no longer afford Deacon. So, back he came to AAGA. Since his return, Deacon has been the perfect gentleman. No accidents, no issues, gets along well with anyone and everything. He is the first to eagerly greet every visitor, including children. But as much as everyone is immediately drawn to him, one thing stands in his way:  he will be 10 years old on April 18th. Certainly, this sweet, gentle boy deserves another chance at love and a forever home.  If you feel you can open your heart and home to a healthy, handsome loving senior, please give Carl a call for more details.


Age:    10 y/o

Sex:     Male

Color:   Red

Cat Tolerant:  Today – ??

(Tested NOT CAT TOLERANT when originally adopted in 2012.)