This is the first hound to ever come to AAGA with 11 Performance Points and 33 races accumulated before turning  2 years old, the age when most racers are just beginning their careers. Doeboy was certainly on his way to stardom when he suddenly “pulled up”and didn’t finish his last race. (Must have been heartbreaking for his trainer!) But why?  An injury of some sort? If so, it must have been minor, because we can’t find any evidence of one!  Despite a racing weight of just 69 pounds, he is a strapping, stunning, muscular specimen.  Predominately white, Doeboy has a perfectly marked black mask over his eyes and ears and a very identifiable large black “heart” (butterfly?) across his butt. He has an unusual bark that has been described as “oboe-sounding”. And, yes, he is happy and outgoing.


Age:    2¼ Y/O

Sex:     Male

Color:   White & Black

Cat Tolerant:   No