Avatar came here from Jacksonville this past August as a big handsome muscular boy. He comes from rather international lineage.  His dad is Irish; his grandpa is Australian. In his dozens of races he was “in the money” 62% of the time. He was quickly adopted but recently returned because “he pees in the house and growls at their small children”. Our first observance was that he was very, very thin, down more than 10 pounds since we’d last seen him just 3 months ago. (The owner felt that he had actually gained weight!) Since Avatar was a perfectly behaved hound when he first arrived at Greys’Land, we can only surmise that he was just not happy in his new home and living with a couple of overly rambunctious youngsters. Avatar is a sweet, friendly confident guy and is now rapidly gaining back his lost weight and beauty here at AAGA. He certainly deserves another chance at a happy “forever” home.


Age:  3¼ Y/O

Sex:  Male

Color:  Black

Cat Tolerant:  No