Have you ever wondered about pet insurance? How does it work? What does it cover? What does it cost? Should you consider purchasing it or not? Well, here are three comprehensive pet insurance guides — one prepared by, one prepared by, and one prepared by Your Dog Advisor — that explain the “ins and outs” of pet insurance and could be helpful in answering all your questions. A couple of them also give their conclusions as to the top pet insurance providers. (The ConsumerAffairs site is also handy for a myriad of guides on purchasing all kinds of products.) You can also conduct this sort of research online yourself, to tailor your searches to exactly what you want and need in a policy, furthermore what your furry friend might need too. There is no doubt that these animals become a very cherished and loved part of the family, and most people would go all sorts of lengths to ensure their health and safety. This is why pet insurance is so important – depending on what happens to your dog, the situation might call for funds that you just can’t afford. This would mean devastating consequences for you and your pet. Especially with greyhounds who are well known as race dogs, as they can be struck with all sorts of health problems, many pedigree dogs also have illnesses common with their breed. Something that needs researching as well, before investing in a dog. Luckily there are so many places to compare pet insurance prices online so you can find one that is best suited to you. Make sure you get it – it’s worth it. You will thank this site one day!